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21k Gold Himo Coin Necklace

21k Gold Himo Coin Necklace

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A Himo coin necklace in 21k gold is an exquisite jewelry piece that combines the beauty of high-purity gold with the charm of ancient or traditional coins. These necklaces feature a Himo coin, which can be from various cultures and time periods, set within a bezel or frame made of 21k gold. The use of 21k gold enhances the necklace’s rich, deep yellow color and adds a touch of luxury. 10.60 grams

Himo coin necklaces are not only visually striking but also carry a sense of history and culture. They often make for unique and meaningful gifts, as the coins themselves can have historical or sentimental value. This type of necklace blends heritage and contemporary jewelry design, making it a distinctive and valuable addition to any collection.

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